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Wastewater projects to create Connecticut jobs

Posted on February 4, 2015

A slew of new wastewater projects aimed at protecting the quailty of water will possibly create more Connecticut jobs.

About $480 million in grants and loans were approved by local projects aimed at improving wastewater treatment plants and sanitary sewer systems.

Projects to be supported by funds approved for release by the Bond Commission include:

The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC)’s Clean Water Project: $258 million for the next phase of a 20-year investment in modernizing the sanitary sewer system in the Greater Hartford area. This includes separating out the flow of storm water from sanitary sewers in order to reduce overflows of raw sewage from the sewer system and into the Connecticut River. The package for the MDC includes $80 million in grants and $178 million in loans. These funds will finance the next phase of work on the MDC’s Clean Water Project which include improvements at the Hartford treatment plant, rehabilitation of the sanitary sewers in the Greater Hartford area and the design of a 98 million gallon tunnel to store wastewater during rain storms.

Bristol Wastewater Treatment Plant: $19 million for plant upgrades, including improving the capacity to remove phosphorous from wastewater in order to protect the quality of the Pequabuck River, where it is discharged. The package includes $9.5 million in grants and $9.5 million in loans.

Norwich Wastewater Treatment Plant: $100 million for improvements to the plant, which includes upgrades to aging infrastructure and for nitrogen removal. The package includes $20 million in grants and $80 million in loans.

Additional Projects in Communities Across the State: $103 million for variety of purposes, such as planning studies, engineering designs, small community projects, pump station rehabilitation, green infrastructure projects, and projects to compensate for sea level rise.

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