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Transportation jobs in Connecticut on the rise

Posted on May 30, 2011

New figures from the BLS show that transportation jobs in Connecticut, the largest industry in the state, are on the rise.

The most recent statistics gathered by the US Government shows Connecticut to have 112,897 employers offering 1,696,905 jobs. The average weekly wage for these Connecticut jobs is $1,021 per week ($53,092 annually). Overall, the Private sector has more jobs in Connecticut than any other with 1,446,683 jobs and 109,243 employers. The average weekly wage for the Private sector is $1,028 per week ($53,456 annually). The next highest sector is Local Government jobs with 160,185 positions and 2,291 employers. The average weekly wage for Local Government jobs is $831 per week ($43,212 annually). Rounding out the jobs in Connecticut is the State Government sector which has 770 firms and agencies that employ 70,488 people in Connecticut. The average weekly wage for State Government jobs is $1,268 per week ($65,936 annually).

A deeper analysis of these statistics reveals the specific industries that offer jobs in Connecticut. Trade, Transportation, and Utilities jobs in the Service-Providing sector make up the majority of Connecticut jobs. Trade, Transportation, and Utilities jobs account for 25,412 employers in Connecticut which hire 306,372 people. Their average weekly salary is $830 per week ( $43,160 Annually). Education and Health Services jobs are created by 11,007 employers in Connecticut which employ 281,189 people. The average weekly salary for an employee who works in the Education and Health Services industry is $864 per week ($44,928 annually).

If you’re interested in Connecticut jobs in the Goods-Producing industry, you should know that Manufacturing jobs in Connecticut employ the most people, with 190,781 positions filled by 5,253 employers in Connecticut. A person with a career in Manufacturing earns $1,282 per week in pay, on average or $66,664 annually.

The Construction industry makes up 71,806Connecticut jobs. The number of businesses and companies hiring employees in this field include 11,112 firms, paying their employees $1,042 weekly or $54,184 annually.

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