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Training programs to boost Connecticut labor jobs

Posted on June 22, 2015

A slew of new training programs have been created to add to the Connecticut labor jobs.

Members of Connecticut’s Congressional delegation said that the Connecticut Department of Labor has been awarded more than $3.8 million in federal funding that will be used to develop innovative job-training programs focused on building talent pipelines for companies through regional and industry-specific collaborations in the state.

The $3,889,995 grant is focused on building “sector strategies” that puts Connecticut’s business community in the forefront of regional planning and creating job training programs to help companies grow.

Job training strategies that respond to the needs of businesses will connect workers affected by job loss – including jobseekers that have exhausted unemployment insurance benefits – to opportunities for work-based learning and new approaches to skill development.

“We’re making significant progress – we just added more than 6,600 private sector jobs this month. With unemployment at the lowest point in years and with nearly 25,000 jobs created over the last year, we are making strides. Yet, in order to continue moving forward, we need to continue to support workers with new training requisite for industries that need employees, so that we can remain competitive in today’s constantly changing business environment,” Governor Malloy said. “As we anticipate the needs of emerging industries that offer viable employment opportunities, the funds will provide employment services to unemployed workers and connect them to new jobs. Ultimately, we’re working every day to ensure that residents have the skills necessary to attain a job for the business needs of today – and keep it.”

“This funding will help us better connect our workforce to employers and opportunity,” Lt. Governor Wyman said. “Stronger partnerships between government and the private sector have helped Connecticut add 80,000 jobs over the past four and a half years – a meaningful increase for businesses and residents. I applaud the Governor, our Congressional delegation, and the Department of Labor for their work to secure these funds and their ongoing commitment to improving our business climate and strengthening our workforce.”

“Building effective partnerships with employers and educational organizations will allow us to produce more skilled and competent workers to meet the needs of our regions – including the need for CNC programmers and operators in north central Connecticut, machinists and welders in eastern Connecticut, and healthcare workers in a variety of fields in the southwestern portion of the state,” CTDOL Commissioner Sharon Palmer said. “We appreciate this funding that will help us invest in training for jobs that need to be filled, and in jobs that will pay well.”

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