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Thousands of Connecticut construction jobs created

Posted on July 29, 2013

Governor Dannel P. Malloy has approved millions of dollars to fund the creation of Connecticut construction jobs.

The State Bond Commission on Friday approved more than $537 million in state funds to finance a series of construction and maintenance projects through the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s (ConnDOT) capital infrastructure program, including 250 lane miles of state highway resurfacing and more than 40 bridge restoration projects around the state.

The money will be used to update, strengthen and improve the safety of Connecticut’s highways, bridges, rail and transit systems. Combined, the more than $1 billion in state and federal funding is expected to create or retain nearly 20,000 construction-related jobs.

The Governor highlighted an allocation of $113 million for ConnDOT’s Interstate Highway Program to construct, resurface or restore several major interstate highway segments, including Pavement Preservation Projects on I-95 in Groton and I-84 in Vernon, widening I-84 in Waterbury between Exits 22 and 25A, reconstruction at Exits 5 & 6 and Route 37 in Danbury, and funds for the continuation of the Q Bridge I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program.

The state funding will be supplemented by nearly $300 million in federal transportation aid. The various highway projects will create or sustain about 4,200 direct construction-related jobs and more than 5,200 supplier jobs, which include designers, planners and materials suppliers.

“With this funding, we are investing in jobs for Connecticut residents, strengthening and updating our aging roadways and bridges, making travel safer and, in the long-run, improving our transportation infrastructure to encourage economic development and attract new business to the state,” said Governor Malloy. “We are taking the smart approach by tackling these maintenance projects now, so we aren’t paying more out-of-pocket down the road when our highways and bridges reach the end of their design life. I am committed to bringing our transportation system into the 21st Century and, with the help of federal dollars, the funding allocated in this bond package is a large step towards that goal.”

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