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Solary Energy Company Looking for Jobs in Connecticut

Posted on September 20, 2010

A solar energy company is asking local residents to trust their knowledge and give them jobs in Connecticut.

According to a press release written by a fan of the company, for many years in Connecticut and around the U.S., we have heard about the promise of Solar Photovoltaic PV electrical systems. One of the leading installers in Connecticut is Sundoor Solar located in the middle of the state. Visit Sundoorsolar.com. If your thinking about Solar energy – I encourage you to let them earn your business. Plain and simple.

So why is Connectcut going Solar? In areas like California, where there is a large concentration of solar PV Photovoltaic, homeowners believe that “oh yeah they have much more sun than we do”! Yes, Solar is much more mainstream in areas like California, with an abundance of solar installations.

Yes, it has something to do with great sun and very few cloudy days, but is largely attributed to their utility rate structure that penalizes larger users of electricity by having tiered rates that go up as usage goes up. This is a big incentive to install a solar system, in order to knock out the higher tiers, at the very minimum. In Connectuct we payer higher electric costs then ANYWHERWE other than Hawaii.

To learn how complex and messed up the Connecticut rate issue is take a look here at the DPUC webiste. But remember – The incentives are huge right now. There has never been a better time for Solar energy in CT.

In the past year, Connecticut Solar installation companies soared to new heights selling and installing solar energy systems, and the future shines bright STILL in Connecticut we at Sundoor Solarfeel.. But, here is what we found in a we search just this morning.

Oneforce – Never heard of them before last week. they are in CT great guns a blazing

Mercury Solar – NY company. Moving north with their marketing

Ross Solar – Not a CT company I dont think. Not originally anyway

BEfree – Quality CT company.

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