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Publication helps people get Connecticut jobs

Posted on July 7, 2013

The Connecticut Career Paths publication, a resource  for   jobseekers,  students  and  career  counselors,  has  recently  been  updated  and  can  be  found  on  the  Connecticut   Department of Labor’s website at www.ct.gov/dol  under  the “Labor Market Information” page and can help many job seekers find Connecticut jobs.

“Connecticut  Career  Paths  has  become  an  invaluable  and  extremely  popular  resource  for  providing  career  and   labor  market  information  to  career  explorers  and  job  seekers  in  our  state,”  noted  State  Labor  Commissioner   Sharon  M.  Palmer.  “Choosing  a  career  is  one  of  the  most  important  decisions  we  make  in  life.  This  publication   was  created  to  provide  you  with  all  the  information  you  need  on  skills  and  training  to  prepare  yourself  for  a   successful  career  in  one  of  the  many occupations available in our state’s workforce.”

Copies  of  the  2013  Connecticut  Career  Paths  have  also   been  provided  to  high  schools,  higher  education  facilities,  and  private  schools  so  students  will  have  them   when  returning  from  summer  vacations.  

The  44-­?page  publication  is  designed  to  assist  as  a  personal   guide  to  making  employment  and  career  decisions.  Topics  addressed  in  the  publication  include  choosing  a   career,  strategies  in  financing  college,  Connecticut’s Career Pathways Initiative, and  available  programs  and   resources  that  can  help  people  with  career  decisions.

Occupational  descriptions,  number  of  individuals   employed  in  a  field,  annual  job  openings,  salary  information,  training  required,  education  and  training  sites,   and  basic  skills  employers  require  are  highlighted  in  the  publication.

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