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Program to create Connecticut manufacturing jobs

Posted on July 25, 2015

A new workforce development initiative is creating more Connecticut manufacturing jobs.

The initiative through the Manufacturing Innovation Fund that supports a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction for apprentices in the manufacturing industry.

The Manufacturing Innovation Fund Apprenticeship Program will provide wage subsidies and tuition reimbursements to eligible companies in order to increase the number of apprentices in Connecticut and ensure a talented, skilled workforce for the future.

The Manufacturing Innovation Fund Apprenticeship Program, initially a two-year, $7,800,000 program, incentivizes individuals to participate and employers to become sponsors of registered apprenticeships. To be eligible, Connecticut-based manufacturers must have been registered to conduct business for at least one year. Businesses involved in aerospace, medical devices, composite materials, digital manufacturing, and other technologically-advanced commercial products and services are eligible to participate.

“Connecticut manufacturing requires modern skills and we’re providing modern training. Our focus can’t just be about luring new businesses – it also has to ensure that when businesses come to Connecticut, they have a talent pool to fill their needs. This program will help residents find new jobs, provide employers with a new pool of workers, and align education and training with the needs of manufacturers. The training is all part of a comprehensive strategy to grow jobs, and it will no doubt bolster our already robust manufacturing industry,” said Governor Malloy. “Right now, there are more than 200 apprentices in manufacturing occupations working for 90 employer sponsors, but we have room to grow. We have one of the most educated, most skilled workforces in the nation, and we’re working to develop it even further.”

Grants awarded through the program can be used for wage subsidy, tuition reimbursement and to offset the costs of gaining appropriate credentials for apprentices. The grants can range up to $13,000 for two years of wages, up to $3,750 of tuition reimbursement, and up to $2,000 for credential costs. Assistance will leverage company funds and cannot exceed $18,750 for the two year period per apprentice.

“In addition to significant growth in the manufacturing sector this past year, retirements from these jobs make it even more critical that Connecticut have a trained workforce ready to meet the needs of its employers,” Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) Commissioner Sharon M. Palmer said. “Top industries in this sector – including aerospace, transportation equipment, computer and electrical products, and fabricated metals – provide good jobs and good wages, and apprenticeship programs offer excellent opportunities for long-term careers that will keep our families financially healthy and our state economically strong.”

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