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New line to create Connecticut construction jobs

Posted on December 9, 2015

A new line called the Hartford Line will create more Connecticut construction jobs.

The completed Hartford Line will triple the number of trains between New Haven and Hartford and doubling the service between Hartford and Springfield. The program is now in construction and work is progressing rapidly.

Four station projects are in construction and due to be completed prior to the launch of service, while critical fiber optic signal cable and communication nodes are installed along the corridor to power a brand new signal system including Positive Train Control.

Every weekend, centuries-old and undersized culverts and drainage structures are replaced. The roadbed is currently being excavated for the second track.

The State Bond Commission next week will vote to approve an allocation of $155 million to complete construction of the future Hartford Line, a final installment to upgrade the line and launch expanded rail service between New Haven and Hartford.

As part of the agreement, Amtrak will deliver service with a clear ceiling for costs and a clear timetable for completion.

This action brings the total funding for programs in this corridor to $643 million – $208 million of federal funds and $435 million of state funds.

The cost for the upgrade of the Hartford Line is $570 million.  An additional $73 million is being spent on related corridor investments, including adding a platform at the State Street station, renovations at the Berlin station, continuing the design of five new stations along the corridor, and studying the realignment of the line in Hartford as part of the overall I-84 viaduct alternatives.

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