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Minimum wage raised to boost Connecticut jobs

Posted on January 2, 2014

The minimum wage is increasing in the state, a move that will boost Connecticut jobs.

The wage will increase to  $8.70  per  hour   as  of  January  1,  2014.

Although  the  federal  minimum  wage  is  currently  $7.25,  Connecticut  businesses  must  pay  the  state   minimum  wage, emphasizes Gary K. Pechie, Director of the agency’s Division of Wage and Workplace Standards.

Under  section  31-­?60  of  the  Connecticut  General  Statutes  and  Public  Act  13-­?117,  the  Connecticut   minimum  wage  rate  for  service  employees,  specifically  restaurant  wait  staff  and  bartenders,  is   determined  by  using  a  formula  that  takes  tip  deductions  into  account.    

The  rates  can  be  found  on  the   Connecticut Department of Labor’s website  at  www.ct.gov/dol.

 The   current  minimum  wage  is  $8.25  an  hour.

“This increase  to  $8.70  is  the  first  part  of  a  two-­?year increase in the minimum wage,” Palmer explains.    “On  January  1,  2015,  in  accordance  with  Public  Act  13-­?117,  Connecticut’s minimum wage will  increase  to  $9.00.”

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