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Incentive program to boost sales jobs in Connecticut

Posted on June 2, 2015

A new incentive program that rewards those who purchase or lease electric vehicles will boost sales jobs in Connecticut.

Connecticut is making it “cheaper” to purchase or lease an electric vehicle as a result of the Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate Program (CHEAPR).

A cash rebate of up to $3,000 is now available for Connecticut residents, businesses, and municipalities who purchase or lease an eligible electric vehicle (EV). EVs covered by CHEAPR include battery electric, fuel cell, and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Rebates offered through the CHEAPR program are on a sliding scale, with the maximum $3,000 amount for those who purchase or lease an EV with the greatest battery capacity. Rebates of $1,500 and $750 will be provided for EVs that travel shorter distances on battery power.

“Electric vehicle incentive programs are extremely effective. Our dealerships have been selling electric vehicles for many years. We know this new rebate will help get more consumers to decide to make this investment in a new car and the environment,” Jim Fleming, President of the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association, said. “We want to thank Governor Malloy and Commissioner Klee for having the foresight to secure the funding for this program and continuing to strengthen the electric vehicle market.”

“CHEAPR rebates will help us address carbon emissions in the transportation sector, which is critical to achieving Connecticut’s climate change goals,” Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Robert Klee said. “The cars and trucks we all drive are the largest single source of carbon emissions in our state, accounting for about 40 percent of the greenhouse gases produced here. Gasoline powered cars and trucks are also the single, biggest in-state source of pollutants that produce ozone. This creates the hazy smog that causes respiratory ailments for thousands of our residents each year during the summer months.”

The CHEAPR initiative is the latest step in Connecticut’s effort to encourage the use of alternative vehicles. Through EVConnecticut, DEEP has already:

Partnered with the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association on a contest that offered awards to the dealerships that sold or leased the highest number of EVs.

Provided about $400,000 in grants to fund the installation of 160 EV chargers, some of which are still being installed. Under terms of the grants, the charging stations must be available to the public free of charge.

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