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Hospitality Jobs in CT Helped by Staycations

Posted on June 9, 2009

State officials are hoping that staycations – which are garnering a lot of support throughout the country – will help save and create hospitality jobs in CT.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell recently announced that the State of Connecticut has launched the “Connecticut – Your Staycation Destination,” program. The campaign offers discounts and special deals for state residents at a variety of attractions, hotels and restaurants throughout the state. Not only will the campaign be beneficial to Connecticut residents, but it also will help support several jobs.

“With gas prices climbing again and the economy still ailing, families will find, as they did last year, that staying close to home can stretch their travel budget and while treating them to the world-class attractions we have in our own back yard,” Rell said. “Staycation also is a great boost for our $9 billion tourism industry and the thousands of jobs it supports around the state.”

As part of the campaign, more than 140 attractions and businesses are offering discounted prices and lodging, complimentary gifts and other deals through September 7 to Connecticut residents. A recent survey from the state Commission on Culture & Tourism found that 71 percent of state residents plan to vacation close to home this year, while 86 percent plan to take advantage of discounts.

“Our state businesses and attractions hear them loud and clear and have put together wonderful Staycation deals and discounts for a summer of endless possibilities,” Rell added. “Connecticut residents can enjoy affordable getaways while businesses build on their customer base. What’s good for business is certainly good for Connecticut. By keeping turnstiles turning, we keep people in the workforce.”

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