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Healthcare jobs in Connecticut added

Posted on September 2, 2015

The state’s labor numbers are in, and it appears healthcare jobs in Connecticut have been added.

Governor Malloy said, “This is good news – our state should recognize the progress we’re making. Jobs are dramatically up, the unemployment rate is significantly down, and we’re on track to reach private sector job levels that the state hasn’t seen since before the Great Recession. But we cannot – and will not – stop here. We are going to continue fighting for more good paying jobs with good benefits as we engage with companies like never before. This report is another step into the future for Connecticut.”
The monthly report shows:

•The unemployment rate in the state dropped three-tenths of a percent to 5.4%, just one tenth of a point above national rate of 5.3%. At this time last year, the unemployment rate was one full point higher, at 6.4%.
•Connecticut saw a net increase of 4,100 jobs during the month.
•Over the year, the state has grown 30,600 nonfarm jobs – the largest annualized nonfarm job growth pace since July 2000.
•The state has now recovered 97% of the private sector jobs lost during the Great Recession. The private sector now needs just an additional 3,400 positions to reach full, pre-recession recovery.

Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman said, “Thanks to innovative initiatives at DECD and DOL, the aggressive pursuit of statewide industry expansion, and attention to economic drivers like transportation and education, we are well on our way to achieving pre-recession jobs recovery. Today’s announcement reinforces just how important Governor Malloy’s leadership has been for the economy and Connecticut’s businesses.”

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