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Grants create aerospace jobs in Connecticut

Posted on November 9, 2016

The Connecticut Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship Training has been awarded grants for aerospace jobs in Connecticut.

The grants will assist the efforts of the state apprenticeship training program that targets the aerospace manufacturing and maintenance sector, known as the Connecticut Apprenticeship Expansion Rx project.

“Connecticut is known as a worldwide aerospace leader, not only because of the quality and number of international aerospace businesses that call our state home, but also because of the talented, well-educated workforce that continues to help these companies succeed in a 21st Century, modernized environment,” Governor Malloy said.  “We know that in order for companies to grow, they need an educated group of employees from which to hire, and that is why our apprenticeship programs, which are specifically aligned with the training needs of our employers, are so vital to expanding the number of high-skilled manufacturing jobs in our state.”

“This federal award is a win-win-win for Connecticut – for workers, employers, and the state’s economy as a whole,” the members of Connecticut’s Congressional delegation said in a joint statement.  “Connecticut’s growing aerospace and aviation industry is second to none, setting the gold standard worldwide in innovation and quality thanks to their unparalleled skilled employees.  On-the-job training through apprenticeship is a time-tested way to grow a skilled, successful workforce, and we will fight for federal dollars to continue this valuable program.”

“With recent expansion within several of the state’s largest aviation manufacturing employers, the demand for credentialed aircraft and power plant mechanics will continue to increase,” Connecticut Labor Commissioner Scott D. Jackson said.  “Additionally, the influx of aviation-dependent shipping companies and distribution centers is also spurring an increasing need for aircraft mechanics and job-ready workers with related expertise.  Recognizing that many of our workers in these areas are nearing retirement, developing a skilled workforce to replace these employees, as well additional workers to fill newly created jobs, is important in meeting the growing needs of Connecticut’s employers.”


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