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Connecticut Teaching Jobs Lost Exceed 1,000

Posted on August 11, 2009

Thousands of Connecticut teaching jobs have been lost during the last year.

The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents recently completed a study that found up to 1,200 positions have been eliminated. Most jobs have been lost because of the state’s budget deficit and concerns about the economy. On top of that, costs have continued to increase while state aid has remained the same.

“There are a good number of districts that have been able to avoid eliminating jobs this year but if we have another year like this, they may not be able to avoid it again,” Joseph Cirasuolo, executive director of the CAPSS, told the Hartford Courant. “It’s been a tough time. It’s never easy to make decisions to cut back because everything and everyone is viewed as worthwhile.”

The Connecticut Association of Boards of Education have found that job cuts are affecting both large and small school systems throughout the state. For instance, New Haven eliminated about 65 teaching positions, while Ledyard and Ansonia have eliminated about 12 jobs each. It is thought that elementary level teachers are being more effected than others.

Connecticut currently has about 50,000 certified teachers. Although the state’s education and health services industry has seen positive gains this year while the majority of the economy declined, the industry faced a setback during June. In that month, the industry lost 500 jobs, bringing total employment to 300,200 workers.

However, according to the state Department of Labor, most of those losses were accounted for in the healthcare and social assistance sector, which declined by 1,200 jobs. The educational services sector added 700 jobs during the month to bring that industry’s total workforce to 58,200 jobs.

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