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Connecticut jobs added

Posted on November 24, 2012

Employers added 1,200 Connecticut jobs last month, according to the latest labor market information.

In addition, the household based Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program showed a small increase in the state’s unemployment rate to 9.0%.

Since October 2011, the state’s job market has lost 2,800 jobs, or a -0.2% decline. This is the fourth monthly job gain in 2012, along with five months of losses, and one month with no change in job levels. The September preliminary estimate of a 2,000 (0.1%) job gain was revised lower by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to a 400 (less than -0.05%) job loss. The first ten months of 2012 have now produced job growth of just 1,400 positions. This is behind last year’s pace of 12,000 jobs added through October. The private sector in Connecticut added 1,100 (0.1%) jobs in October, but now shows a 300 position decline (less than -0.05%) since October 2011.

According to labor market info, four of the six major Connecticut Labor Market Areas (LMAs) had job growth in October 2012, and two LMAs had employment declines. The major Connecticut LMAs are calculated and seasonally adjusted independently from the statewide numbers. The Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford LMA (1,300, 0.2%) and New Haven LMA (1,100, 0.4%) led labor area growth this October. Also the Danbury LMA (600, 0.9%) and the Waterbury LMA (200, 0.3%) added to jobs this month.

The Norwich-New London LMA (-600, -0.5%) continued employment weakness in October and leads all BLS recognized LMAs in jobs lost over the year (-2,200, -1.7%). The Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk LMA (-600, -0.2%) also posted a job loss this month, but still leads all Connecticut LMAs in job growth magnitude (3,600, 0.9%) since October 2011. This month saw the Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford LMA (-300, -0.1%) join the southeastern part of the state in job losses over the year.

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