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Company teams up with Prospect Genius to boost HVAC jobs in Connecticut

Posted on July 24, 2011

A heating and cooling company announced this week it has formed a partnership with another company to locate professionals for HVAC jobs in Connecticut.

In order to increase their prominence on the Internet and make information about their company more accessible through online searches, Cramec Heating & Cooling, LLC, has recently teamed up with Prospect Genius, a Web marketing leader. The two major goals of this partnership are as follows: to make it easier than ever for residents and business owners in the Hartford area and environs to locate professionals to perform services like washer and dryer repair and furnace installation, and to increase business at Cramec Heating & Cooling by using online advertising to reach a wider breadth of potential customers.

Prospect Genius President Alex Pelli states, “Our team is excited for the opportunity to work with Cramec Heating & Cooling. They are a leader in appliance repair and HVAC services, and we look forward to helping them improve their Internet advertising strategy and reach more people throughout the Hartford region.”

As customers continue to turn away from traditional means of locating service providers, such as the phone book, effective online marketing campaigns have become more vital than ever to overall business success. Studies have shown that 60% of people report using search engines such as Bing or Google to locate professionals to perform services such as oven repair and boiler installation, so refocusing their marketing campaign to include high online visibility is likely to create increased business for Cramec Heating & Cooling, LLC, and make locating professional appliance repair and HVAC services quick and hassle-free for the people of Hartford.

Matt Gallo, a senior Internet marketer for Prospect Genius, says that the online advertising team will use a method called search engine optimization to increase the Web presence of Cramec Heating & Cooling. “SEO will make it easier for customers in the market for Hartford-area appliance repair and HVAC services to learn about Cramec Heating & Cooling,” Gallo comments. “It has been shown that Web sites found at or near the top of search engine results pages receive more traffic than sites with lower placement. Our aim is to help Cramec Heating & Cooling become more visible than competing appliance repair and furnace repair providers in Hartford and nearby communities during Internet searches.”

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