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Company hiring for recruiting jobs in Connecticut

Posted on February 12, 2012

Medix Staffing is holding a slew of job fairs with the aim of hiring for recruiting jobs in Connecticut.

It will also be recruiting for sales jobs in Maryland as well.

Medix is a national staffing organization specialized in recruiting skilled personnel for clients in the Professional Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Information Technology industries.

It plans on increasing its internal staff through a concentrated hiring initiative.

The company launched the hiring surge to draw in talent from sales and recruiting professionals across the country. According to Carrie Losch, Senior Corporate Recruiter at Medix, the company is excited to explore what these professionals can potentially add to the Medix team.

Medix’s internal recruiting team will seek out talent at over 30 career fairs across the country over the next few months, including fairs at Penn State, the University of Iowa, the University of Maryland, the University of Connecticut, and the University of Arizona, to name a few.

“By May, we are hoping to have solidified 60 new hires,” said Losch. “Our hiring goals are challenging and ambitious, as we eagerly look forward to growing our internal team to continue to serve our growing contractor and client base.”

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