Assembler/Assembly Technician

Middletown, CT

The Assemblies Technician is responsible for producing manufactured items to the specifications of customer orders. Technicians are involved in final assembly, final inspection and getting products ready for packaging prior to shipment. 

Essential Duties include:

*Become familiar with Shelco’s product line and Bills of Materials. Learn and be proficient at assembling all items in our product line and filling all types of customer orders.

*Practice organizational skills necessary to maintain inventory of raw materials and finished product in assembly area ready for assembly and shipping.

*Assemble products according to packing lists.

*Become familiar with our customers and their labeling/packaging/shipping requirements.

*Become familiar with packaging methods for the most efficient, protective, and inexpensive shipping procedures.

*Oversee and package products for shipment using boxes or building skids appropriate for safe shipment.

*Operate materials handling equipment.

*Practice and oversee safe handling of products and equipment according to company policies and with pride.

*Practice safe body mechanics and wear appropriate safety equipment to avoid injuries.

*Maintain neat work area free from litter and clutter.

*Work as a team member with flexibility in task assignments and with the ability to anticipate necessary changes in different situations.




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